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Just one in 10 UK actors is working class

  • Just one in 10 actors is working class - and they earn £10,000 a year less than those from posher backgrounds

  • Just one in 10 actors come from working class background, study reveals

  • Those who do break into the middle class-dominated industry are paid less

The research echoes fears raised by British entertainers Dame Helen Mirren, Danny Dyer and Julie Walters over acting's growing class divide.

Growing concern the acting industry is being dominated by the privileged few appears to be justified, with new research revealing just ten percent of British actors come from a working class background.

Not only do those from poorer backgrounds face more barriers to success in the industry - if they do succeed, they are paid significantly less than their more affluent peers.

The results of the study, carried out by academics from the London School of Economics, Goldsmiths and the University of London, echo fears many leading British actors and actresses have voiced in recent years about a growing class divide.

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