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Drama workshops for schools

Schools Drama Training
Schools Drama Training.jpg
DGTDS offers a fun, practical and informative educational package for schools and colleges keen to provide their students with an understanding of leading edge screen-acting requirements
Students will learn the following:
* A basic understanding of screen-acting requirements
* The difference between theatre and Film/TV acting
* Concentration & focus exercises - Meisner!
* The camera & the frame
* Screen distances & positioning
* Reactions & screen business
* Typecasting

Package prices

1 Day = £695.00 (excluding VAT)
2 Day = £1,295.00 (excluding VAT)

The content of these workshops will enhance students understanding of what skills are required of a professional screen actor, enabling them to make an informed decision regarding their acting career aspirations

To enquire about our availability, please use the contact form below. All our teaching staff have full Disclosure vetting. We can accommodate class sizes of up to 15 students

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