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Drama training

APP Training & Workshops

The Exposure Drama School offers a practical 21st century approach to drama training. Teaching the leading-edge Hollywood acting Chubbuck Techniques - as used by Brad Pitt and Jim Carrey - and utilising the latest digital technologies and Web TV broadcast platforms, Exposure provides students with intensive acting training, an immersive filming experience, and the chance of significant Web TV broadcast exposure to launch their careers.


A traditional drama school/University drama course education is often very expensive (£27,000+ over 3 years); heavily over-subscribed; and involves the student moving away from home to study for several years, often learning outdated stage acting techniques and drama theory.


Little opportunity exists for potential actors to access industry relevant training and develop their unique acting skills in a professional broadcast environment, and obtain the necessary exposure to launch a successful acting career.


Statistics show that most acting graduates give up on their acting career ambitions within 6 to 12 months of leaving drama school.

Our low cost, accredited drama training app is launching in London in summer 2021 - Register now to receive launch information


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The cost of our 48 week screen acting training programme is £5,995.00 per person (excluding VAT)

Taught by an experienced television professional offering intensive, practical, cost effective drama training, students can study at an affordable price, receiving the most leading edge drama/acting training and showcase opportunities.


Teaching the Hollywood endorsed Chubbuck Technique, Meisner Technique, and TV & Film acting techniques, students will be taught the following:

* An easy to grasp, modern emotion-based interpretation of the Stanislavski theories

* Empowering techniques to create a personalised performance in any dramatic situation

* Intensive mental focus techniques, creating strong characterization & audience engagement

* Technical aspects unique to Film and Television acting

* Acting for single camera drama

* Screen continuity 

* Effective use of costume, props and scenery

* A systematic approach to script analysis

* Audition technique, career advice and life coaching/mental resilience training

* Success mindset coaching from the UK's leading Transformational Coach

* Sales and marketing hints and tips to help students develop their career after training

Our Exposure training workshops are available to anyone aged 18 years+ committed to a screen acting career. The training will run for 48 weeks during evenings and weekends across 2021. (18 weeks of workshop training, 30 weeks of weekend filming and workshops). Only 20 places are available. Applicants will need to submit a video audition to secure a place on the course.

Coming soon - Directing and scriptwriting workshops
See your own work onscreen in our practical immersive broadcast training environment
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