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Teaching you the screen-acting techniques of the Hollywood stars

"Making quality, industry relevant drama training accessible to all"

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Don't waste your time and money going to traditional drama school

Did you know that most drama schools teach out of date acting techniques?

And that over 90% of drama students give up on their acting career dreams within 12 months of graduating?

"Less than 2% of drama graduates end up on the West End stage" - 2013 industry statistics

Don't let this happen to you!

Learn the acting techniques of the Hollywood stars with our weekly video based practical drama training


Teaching you industry relevant acting techniques

We teach you screen-acting not stage, at a time when streaming content is booming while theatres are being demolished. And costing a fraction of the price of traditional drama schools, start your training today. Don't wait for term time

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"I came out of an expensive three year academic university drama course still not knowing how to act. I can confidently say that I now do."

This weekly training is ideal for:

* Aspiring screen actors

* Screenwriters

* Film & TV Directors

* Professional stage actors looking to re-train for Film & TV

* Drama Tutors

* Aspiring TV Presenters

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And Star In Our New Web TV Soap Opera

Commencing filming in 2022, graduates from our training will get exclusive access to audition for our new Web TV soap opera production: E-Drama

What other drama school offers you this?


Our low cost practical training teaches you everything you need to know about how to confidently and competently perform for the screen

We'll also provide you with success mindset coaching, focusing you on career success

Our Mission Statement:
"To make industry relevant, high quality drama training accessible and affordable. To make us the #1 choice for all aspiring actors and drama students"

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Then it's just £35.99 a month

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