Gain Paid Broadcast Exposure Starring In Our Original Web TV Soap Opera

As well as providing drama training, as our service develops students of DGTDS will get the chance to audition for paid roles in our very own broadcast Web TV soap opera: as actors, scriptwriters and directors!

Launching in 2022, this original drama will exclusively cast all its roles from our active customer base. Meaning - for the first time ever - freshly trained drama talent will have a direct link to paid acting and production work. And significant broadcast exposure

Main Characters



Broadcasting to a global mobile phone and Web TV audience, the soap will be a contemporary drama about four twentysomethings living in London, UK. The show will dramatize the zeitgeist

DGTDS will also offer representation to its talented students, again significantly increasing their chances of successfully establishing a career in the industry

Most actors leave drama school 'invisible actors' - Change that with DontGoToDramaSchool

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